Eduardo Casanova

We made a collaborative work with Eduardo Casanova for the exhibition where he presented his new book ‘Margins’. The display was located in Madrid at Fresh Gallery and contained the most iconic pictures of his photographic project.

His pictures voiced the marginalization in which some people have to live in, as opposed to the extravagant and aesthetic way of living of other minorities, which are yet more approved.

He denounces that although pockets of deprivation remain, the overriding mood of the vast majority of the population is one of ignorance, non-concernment and exclusion of everything that stands out from the social and physical accepted parameters.

Our society is still doomed to live in the shallows and our mission was to create an impact.

The process was to design an atmosphere that depicted the cruel reality these people are facing. Sumptuousness and poverty both cohabit the walls to cause rejection. Black elegant walls and polished carpets surround the space in which big format and lavish gold-framed pictures are hung.

Just in the middle of the exhibition, Eduardo Casanova is confined in an urn. Trapped. A private space that will be almost certainly inaccessible for the outnumbered.

By having chosen a small gallery and painting everything black, moments of suffocation are ultimately relieved. Our foremost responsibility is already on the table: what may be distressing to some viewers is the daily bread of some others. Are you ready to escape the margins of society?