Miranda Makaroff

Ever wondered how would it be to plunge into a giant vagina? That’s precisely what the artist Miranda Makaroff commissioned us for her ‘Pamplemousse’ Sexhibition at Mirat Projects gallery.

She was looking for a powerful art installation to recreate an hedonist world which could pair with her sensual paintings and offer a transparent gaze towards sex.

‘Ey, David! Could you build me a giant pussy?’.

In order to display her artwork we crafted a 3m labia as the gateway to the exhibition. Once inside you came across an embodiment of pleasure: walls and ceiling covered in hanging pink satin fabric stuffed with soft duvet filling, vibrant paintings which reflected the beauty of the feminine role, the smell of intense rose fragrance and even sensuous noises filled the air.
A journey that left nobody indifferent.

Pamplemousse Sexhibition @ Mirat Projects